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Italian Restaurant Stars

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“The Blue” the guide of “Bookdia, Italian Restaurant Stars”

The Bookdia guide to starred restaurants is designed and created by Nancy and Joys Rossi for use by travelers from all over the world who are looking for protection, genuine products and ingredients of Italian origin. This year Lorenzo Rossi, founder of the Beverly Group, celebrates 40 years of activity in the organized tourism sector and has created, with digital evolution, a booking platform for +1 million hotels worldwide, under the name note from


Food and beverage made in Italy not less than 70%

To obtain a Bookdia star, restaurateurs must first of all be able to offer quality dishes, made with first choice ingredients: originating, grown, produced and certified, exclusively in Italy and by Italian companies for a percentage of no less than 70%. Furthermore, the staff of these Bookdia star restaurants must be very professional and efficient, together with the premises which must be adequate both from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view.

The inclusion and relative publication in the Bookdia guide is totally free for restaurants, hotels and clubs. The listing of a restaurant, with its description and characteristics, depends solely on the value and quality of the menu, which will be certified and verified periodically.

The inspectors visit the premises constantly and in complete anonymity, choosing, tasting and paying the bill. Immediately afterwards they transcribe the experience by evaluating the restaurant through the following criteria: quality of the products, culinary technique, balance between the ingredients, respect for the percentage of 70% of ingredients produced and certified in Italy, personality of the chef, quality-price ratio, consistency of yield.

The Stars that will be assigned will distinguish the restaurants and qualify them to offer culinary experiences taking into account the proposed menu.

Preeminent ingredients of exclusively Italian origin in the selection of the Bookdia Guide:

Dry and fresh pasta



Various cheeses

Various dairy products

Buffalo mozzarella

Extra virgin olive oil


Preserves vegetables, sauces and pestos

Red and white meats

Preserved fresh fish

Various sausages, hams and cured meats

Baked sweets

Chocolates, creams, pistachios

Dragees, panettone, pandoro Chocolate eggs

Wines, liqueurs, grappas, beers


Sparkling wines and Prosecco

Dried fruit

Fresh fruit and in syrup

Products for allergy sufferers and celiacs


The Bookdia guide also proposes and classifies Italian professional cooking schools, in various languages, and also with online courses.

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